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Arrangements for Parish Envelopes during Coronavirus Pandemic





The parish understands that this is a difficult time, financially for some people and has not made any financial demands on its people. However a number of people have offered to contribute money over the past few weeks and given the reality that it may quite some time until we are able to gather for mass we are looking at ways to enable those who can, to contribute. After consultation with the Parish Finance Committee the following decisions were made.


Parish Envelopes


Donating via Parish Envelopes: You can leave your envelope through the letterbox in the front door at the Parish Centre on Sundays, morning or afternoon or on Monday evenings. This letterbox has a basket on the inside, the alarm will be on inside the parish centre and the door is covered by CCTV. The basket will be checked at regular intervals and any envelopes in it will be locked away in the safe. We ask you to wash your hands in soap and warm water before you leave your house and, also when you return.


Trocaire: If it is possible, could you leave in your Trocaire donation from lent. Please put your donation in the special Trocaire envelope which will be in your box.     

Envelopes outstanding from Financial Year 2019-20: When the shutdown began there were still three weekends left in March. You can still use these or any envelopes outstanding from the previous envelope year.


Envelopes for 2020-21: The lockdown began just as we were about to deliver the envelopes for the new financial year from weekend of the 5th April 2020 until the weekend of 28th March 2021 and we were unable to get these delivered. In the coming week people can collect their boxes of envelopes in the Porch of St Joseph’s Church on different days that are allocated to different groups of townlands, Roads, Streets and Housing Estates.   These will be available as follows:


Sunday: Ederney - High St., Pump Lane, Ardvarney Rd., Grove Heights, Magheraculmoney, Grove Pk., Market St., Villa Tce., Leathem Crescent, Drumkeen, Glendarragh Pk., Cahore View, Derrybeg View, Lack Rd.,

Monday: Ederney - Church St., Erne Drive, New St., Main St., Drumkeen Court, Castlederg Rd., Clonee, Killycappy Rd., Edenclaw.

Tuesday: Kesh - Brookfield, Castle Manor, Fortview Pk., Crevenish Park, Roscaw View, Rosculban Meadows, Glendarragh Pk., Erne Pk., Mantlin Pk., Manoo, Killadeas Rd., Drumhoney, Ardess Glebe, Barnalackin, Slievebawn.

Wednesday: Lack - Drumlish Rd., Stranahone, Glenarn, Market St.,  Carricknagreenagh, Meenmore, Seemuldoon, Nedsherry, Lurganboy, Drumgivery, Largy, Kilsmullen.

Thursday: Boa Island, Portinode,  Pettigo Rd., Bannagh, Clonaweel, Aghalaan, Killynoogan, Tullyhommon, Derrybrick,  Carrickoughter.

Friday: Castlederg Rd., Derrycapplekeagh, Drumbrick, Drumbarron,
Monavreece, Tirwinney Rd., Edenaveigh, Aghagriffin, Killygarry, Screeney,  Derrymore.


Montiagh Area: Envelopes will be left at the back of St Patrick’s Church, Montiagh.


Collection and Distribution of Envelopes


People can pick up their box of envelopes, the boxes for other family members and for close neighbours and friends. Whenever delivering a box of envelopes just simply put it through the person’s letter box. If this is not possible ring the doorbell or knock on the door or window and leave the box of envelopes on the step, in front of the door. If there is no-one in the house please leave them in a plastic bag at the door and, if you can, call the person and let them know that the box of envelopes has been left on their doorstep.


Other Donations


If you do not want to use a parish envelope, please put your donation in an ordinary envelope with written instructions as to which fund you want to the money to go to e.g. Monthly, Weekly, Trocaire etc.



  Please write all cheques to Culmaine Parish Church Covenant Account or Culmaine Parish Church Dev. Account.


Standing Order Forms


Alternatively, you can arrange a Standing Order with your Bank to transfer money from your account in the Culmaine Parish Church Covenant Account. Copies of this form will be available at the back of both Churches along with the boxes of envelopes. It will also be available below;


Click to download standing order form


If you choose this means of contribution, please leave the portion at the top through the letter box at the Parish Centre.


  I take this opportunity to thank all who contribute to the parish finances, for your understanding and support during this very unique and difficult time. I urge you all, for the good of everyone, to continue to observe the restrictions, to pray for all who are affected by the virus and please God we will be able to start returning to some form of normality soon. I wish you every blessing and please stay safe.


Fr Frank McManus PP     









Culmaine Parish Committee 2020