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Some changes on attending Sunday masses during August.   


We thank all who have co-operated so well during the month of July when our Churches have re-opened for congregations to physically attend masses in the Church.


Also thanks to all the volunteers who have helped out, especially the Re-opening Group, Ushers, Cleaners of the Churches, sacristans and all other ministers.   Because things have gone smoothly so far we are making the following changes for August.   


Zoning: From this weekend there will be no more zoning of the parish into areas for attending mass on different Sundays. This applies to both Churches. People from any part of the parish can attend on each Sunday. However, access will be limited. Because of the necessity of social distancing there will still be only 65 places available in St Joseph’s and 18 places in St Patrick’s in Montiagh. 


Booking a Place: Tickets will no longer be required. To book a place please call the Parish Office on 028 68629062 on Saturdays between 11.30am and 1.00pm. You can still call at the office in person to book a place between the same times.  


Places will be reserved for families who have funerals, months memories or anniversaries. These families will have to let us know how many are coming and give us their names and at least one contact.

Seats will also be reserved for those have booked a place on Saturday. If there are any seats remaining these will be given on a first come first served basis on Sundays.


Every person entering the Church must give a name and a means of contacting them should any tracing be necessary.       


Arriving at Mass: When people arrive at mass they will be shown their place by a steward.  We ask people to cooperate with Ushers and Stewards.   


All the other guidelines that we have had in place during July will still apply.  A reminder of these can be viewed below. 

Again thanks to all for your help and cooperation. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.





Missalettes and Newsletters will only be available at the end of Mass and can be collected on the way out.


Listening to Mass outdoors.

Outdoor sound systems will be operating at both Churches so that people outside the Church can join in. If the weather is bad people here can stay in their cars during mass. It is hoped that Holy Communion will be available to those outside. It is important that anyone at mass outside the Church socially distance in the same way as people inside the Church, that is two metres apart. 


Cleaning of the Church.

The Churches has had a professional deep clean on Friday 26th June. This will ensure that the Church will be safe for the next three weeks. We thank Wayne Little and his Cleaning Doctor team for this and their expertise.


After each gathering the Church floors and seats will need a basic, simple clean with disinfectant. The Covid 19, Corona Virus is not a particularly durable virus and can be easily killed with disinfectant or soap and warm water. It is hoped that groups of volunteers will carry this out. There has been training for volunteers in St Joseph’s at 4pm on Friday 26th June. All doing this will be provided with face masks and protective gloves as well as the cleaning equipment and materials.


Before coming to Mass

All coming to mass should ensure that they wash or sanitize their hands before they leave their homes.


Arriving at Mass

Those entering St Joseph’s must do so through the front door. Anyone who cannot use the steps will be looked after by the Ushers. 


In Montiagh we have only one door so it will be both entrance and exit. No-one should stay around the door during mass.


At Mass

On entering the Church please use the hand sanitizers inside the doors of the Churches. An usher will show you to your seat. You must stay in that place until mass is over, leaving only to receive Holy Communion. At the end of mass, you must leave the Church immediately through the designated exit door nearest to you, using the hand sanitizer before you leave.  


Holy Communion

The priest and Eucharistic ministers when distributing Holy Communion will wear both a face mask and a face guard. The host will be dropped into the communicant’s hand rather than placed. Holy Communion must be only be received in the hand. The priest or Eucharistic ministers will not give Holy Communion on the tongue. When people are coming to Holy Communion, they must keep two metres apart, this will be indicated by signs on the floor or on the concrete or tarmac outside.



A basket will be left on a table in the church where people can leave their contributions. Alternatively, people can leave their contributions through the letterbox on the door of the Parish Centre as they have been doing over the past number of weekends but not while mass is on. Points of collection will be supervised at all times. 


Standing Order Forms: Alternatively, you can arrange a Standing Order with your Bank to transfer money from your account in the Culmaine Parish Church Covenant Account.

Copies of this form is available below;


Click to download standing order form


If you choose this means of contribution, please leave the portion

at the top through the letter box at the Parish Centre.


At the end of Mass

When leaving the Church people will be asked to exit their seats the church row by row. This will limit the social contact within the Church.


Please exit by the side doors and clean your hands with the hand sanitizer available.


After Mass

A group of volunteers will immediately clean the church with disinfectant etc.


Final Word

We thank all people for the care and patience that you have shown since the lockdown began. We belong to a faith community that puts a big emphasis on serving the common good of all and the vast majority of our people have acted and behaved in accordance with this ethos. 

We are now looking forward to being able to physically gather again as a Eucharistic Community. But we will be gathering with great caution and under huge limitations. May the God of Jesus Christ bless everyone involved.

















Culmaine Parish Committee 2020